Top Ten Flowers

Spring is always about the flowers.  It’s a frantic time for nature with blossoms, birds, bees and yes, bugs, all in a frenzied play to propagate themselves and make the most of the fine weather and warm months ahead.

To celebrate spring, we’re showcasing our favourites with 20% off during September on the following:

  1. Chinese Star Jasmine

This was always going to be number one on the list for plants with possibilities.  Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is a wonderful climber for shaded and sunny positions, with dark glossy foliage creating a verdant cover for fences, or alternatively it can also be grown as a ground cover and trailing plant.  The sweet-smelling white flowers in spring are a great bonus.

  1. Lavender

Lavender not only looks amazing, but it’s really good for you too.  The word means ‘to wash’ and signifies how important lavender has always been to our hygiene – the oil is not just sweetly scented, but it also keeps bugs away and help you remain calm and promotes a good night’s sleep.  For this reason, sheets and linen was often thrown over plants to dry in the sun, impregnating them with their perfume and power!

  1. Gardenias

The while, sweet perfume of gardenias is something we can enjoy not only in spring, but throughout summer and autumn too.  There are many different types, all of which are brilliant for pots and picking for bud vases. 

For more scent-sational ideas, read our blog on spring scents.

  1. Grevilleas

Nectar laden and non-stop flowering, what’s not to love about these native flowers and their bird attracting blooms.  Grevilleas come in many kinds, from ground covers to trees and shrubs, so there’s always room for one more…check out our blog on grevilleas for more information.

  1. Mandevillas and Dipladenias

From musk pink to devilish red or pure white, Mandevilla and Dipladenias are adaptable climbers for our climate.  The also are terrific potted plants, making them the perfect patio or balconyplant, with a low flowering season going from spring to late autmn.

  1. Osteospermums

Daisies optimize spring, and these African or Cape Daisies are wonderful ground covering types that are a favourite for verge gardens and cottage gardens.  They are also great for pots and flower from spring through to autumn, so pop them in now and enjoy their blooms for months.

  1. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoeblossfeldianawill happily grow as a flowering indoor succulent for many months, giving you long lasting, colourful blooms.  Their pretty, dainty flowers make a delightful posy naturally – just make sure you don’t over water them and ensure their drainage is good.  Outside, they will also grow will on a sunny windowsill or shadier verandah.

  1. Nemesia

If you love a cottage garden, then Nemesia are plants you need to check out. They have dear little flowers in shades of terracotta, peach, white, and sunshine yellow, and are repeat flowering, rewarding you for many months with blooms.  Butterflies love them too, so you’ll have to share!

  1. Foxgloves

The flowering spires of foxgloves evoke a walk in the English countryside.  Luckily you can have the foxgloves in your own garden and don’t need to travel anywhere!  Their upright flower spike creates a strong vertical element in the garden, and they look great clumped in groups for impact, especially in light shade.

  1. Delphiniums

The blue of delphinium is one of the only flowers that truly is blue, rather than violet, in our plant palette. Known for their sensational colour and tall columns of flowers that bring height and statue to your flower beds.  Stand tall Delphinium, we salute you!


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