Soil Testing

If you are facing growing problems, let’s look at it from the ground up.

A number of soil problems including soil pH, can throw garden off balance, but there’s no shortage of amendments to set things right. The key to good soil is good soil management. Even the poorest soils can be improved.

Our onsite Green Team can identify soil issues and suggest amendments that can help solve them. We can also advise on additional steps you can take to boost your soils ability to grow. The amendment details below are simply guidelines.

Every garden has different soil requirements, so get to know your soil and experiment to discover the best plan of action for your situation.

Let our Green Team specialists work with you on getting your plantlife thriving and growing to their full potential.

Visit our Information Kiosk to get your soil pH tested today by our Green Team Horticulturists.

What you need to bring

Eden has everything you need to get your plants thriving and your garden looking great.