Spring Scents

essential oils

Nothing says spring like fragrance. Perfume your courtyard, balcony or garden using plants rich in essential oils and flowers heady with scent to add allure to your outdoors.

Here are some other great tips to add that extra dimension and sense of wellness to your day.

  • Concentrate sweet-smelling flowers near walkways, entries, patios, and decks so that you and your guests can enjoy them often.
  • Try using scented herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme, scented geraniums, heliotrope that all smell wonderful when you brush past them. Indoors, grow some herbs on a sunny kitchen window sill for adding to your meals.
  • Train perfumed climbers over your verandah rails and pergola posts; jasmine, wisteria, climbing roses, stephanotis and Chinese star jasmine are a few of your best bets. Hoyas and Stephanotis are great options for indoors.
  • Surround your property with a green screen that’s also fragrant. Michelia, murraya, viburnum and sweet olive are all good choices.
  • Go native with a native frangipani, boronia, native gardenia and native mint bush, known as Prostanthera.
  • Most sort after favorites include daphne – a sprig inside will permeate through your whole house, gardenias and frangipani – the ultimate spring scents!
  • Productive plants, like citrus, have delightfully perfumed flowers.


All these plants and many more can be found instore this spring