Backyard Briefing

Running dry on ideas for your new backyard?

Turn your backyard into a garden. Let our team of trained in-house horticulturalists work with you on transforming your outdoor area into a masterpiece.

Our Green Team can give you advice on the best plants for whatever you want to achieve, from selecting the right grass for shade or full sun areas so there are no bare patches, right through to green privacy fencing plants to screen your neighbours, we’re here to help.

Use our Backyard Briefing Service! In these free 10 minute sessions you can consult, one on one, with our Green Team. We will take you through step by step on the best plants, products or design features for your area, be it in full sun, partial or full shade, we can even make recommendations based on your soil type and the number of animals you have.

You will learn what steps you need to take in order for your backyard makeover to progress. We can explain all the services we offer and which one would be most suitable to you and your needs.

What you need to bring

Backyard Briefing Times