Grevilleas make a huge part of the Australian flora,spread right across the continent; they make upthe third largest genus in Australia.  There are ground cover types, shrubs and trees,which means there is a grevillea for every position at your place!  Some prostrate types are idea for stabilising banks and steep slopes, binding the soil together and smothering out weeds.  All grevilleas are fast growing and like well-drained soil. With most growing around 1m-3m tall. Our range includes ‘Pink Surprise’, ‘Moonlight’ the rosy pink flowers of ‘Coastal Prestige’ all last well as cut flowers. 


Grevilleasbloom nearly all year round, with extra flourishes in spring and autumn.They are great for picking and bringing indoors, and last up to a week in a vase if picked when they are just opening. Grevilleas are bird attracting, with bother the nectar and the seeds eaten. Their nectar rich flowers arealso used to make a sweet drink in indigenous cultures across Australia. Pruning grevilleas is essential as it makes the shrubs thicker and bushier, which in turn promotes more flowers.


Fertiliser with Bush Tucker Native Fertiliser in spring and mulch well with pine bark fines or tea tree mulch.  If growing in pots use Martins Native Potting Mix.