New in 2020

Mindfulness, sustainability and wellness are all top trends for 2020, which is synonymous with the garden, if you ask us! This translates to calming natural tones, cooling green highlights, plenty of indoor plants and a chilled vibe – think low  furniture, floor cushions, woven baskets and lots of texture – bringing the outside in and the inside out.

The new ‘it’ look plants include olive trees, with their soft grey green foliage, tall and dramatic cacti, ornamental grasses with their natural softness, and cast iron plants for their great dark green leaves and upright form. Adding rugs outside, lanterns, large art pieces, touches of brights in pots and fabrics on your outdoor furniture is all part of the bo-ho eclectic, outdoor room feel that is on trend, cool and comfortable.


And did we mention green? Recycled, reuseable and bespoke are BIG this year, but so is the colour itself – both bold bright greens, soft aqua and sea tones.