Seeing Red

Christmas time can make everyone a little stressed. The shops are crowded, you can’t find a parking spot and it seems you’re always running late for something.  If you’re seeing red, maybe you should pull off the road into Eden Gardens and take a deep breath.  Not only do we have heaps of undercover parking, we also have a café so you can grab a cool drink and wander around while you distress.

While you’re here, consider some of the ways you might use red in a positive way.  We have everything here from traditional poinsettias to potted colour that’s ready to pop into your garden and make instant impact.  Why not add some coleus, for example.  Their colourful leaves in deep maroon and gold shades couldn’t be nicer to add to your garden either as a border or pot plant. 

Wax flowers, or bedding begonias, are also really useful for popping in gaps in the garden.  They flower for about 9 months of the year and cope with sun or shade.  The also look beautiful in hanging baskets and pots.  Ditto fuchsias.  So dainty they’ll delight everyone. They also come in a range of very Christmassy colours and look beautiful wrapped as a table decoration or living gift.

For impact at the front door, check out our standard Chinese bell flowers and our potted bromeliads.  They’ll look stylish well beyond December too, giving months of colour.

And while you’re here, check out our napery, trees, cut flowers, wreaths, candles, collectables and potted herbs… soon you’ll have gifts for everyone and probably be able to avoid the shopping center altogether!