Reading Palms

Ever wondered what your indoor plants might say about you?  There are some hidden truths and symbolism is ‘plant language’ that perhaps you never knew.  Is it possible that your plants are whispering behind your back?

Arum lilies represent faith and purity, and Calla Lilies stand for magnificence and beauty, so although closely related, clearly it matters which you pop in the kid’s bedroom and what one goes in the guest suite! Ferns however stand for magic, enchantment, confidence, and sincerity, so they could probably go in either room! Orchids stand for refined beauty and love and palms stand for potency and love (so obviously need to go to the master bedroom) whilst Yucca equals protection and purification, so clearly belongs in the doghouse!

Do you have Ivy growing inside?  This means you’re dependable, faithful and endure.  However, if you’re short of cash, maybe you need some money plants to bring in the fortune.  The more you plant, perhaps the more the coins will roll in! Brighten your day with a happy plant by all means, but as the saying goes, for pleasure for a lifetime, plant a garden.


By: Meredith Kirton