Five Superhero Plants

What’s a superhero? It’s someone who has supernatural powers. Think Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cat Woman and Plastic Man.  We all need rescuing every now and again, and right now, its plants that you can call upon to make your home a super charged, oxygen cleansing, mind freeing, centred place of calm and wellbeing.

Whilst all plants will be soothing and remove toxins, in the world of plants, we like to think that some plants are crazily, mind-blowingly gifted with superpowers too.  Just like the Justice League, you can more than one superhero in a room will be even stronger than one!

  • The Superman of the indoor plant world would have to be ‘Zanzibar Gem’. Its indestructible and has the superhuman strength factor of being able to survive almost anywhere without too much water, and whilst it might not have heat vision, it is able to cope well with heated homes.
  • For a strong female lead, one that’s known as being as beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena, swifter the Hermes and stronger than Hercules - the Wonder Woman of plants, then surely it is an Sphipyllum, with its glossy green leaves and stunning white flowers. It knows how to survive too, and its luscious leaves are prized for actively removing toxins from your home.  It surely is the Princess Diana of Themyscira of flowers.
  • Batman on the other hand doesn’t have superpowers but rather an indomitable will and unstoppable determination. That’s sounding an awful lot like the stalwart of indoor plants, the Cast Iron plant, or It’s known for its never-say-die attitude, surviving and thriving despite circumstances it might find itself in.Bat woman is just as sassy and empowered, she just calls herself Sanserveria, or Snake Plant.
  • Plastic Man is obviously flexible and durable. Its plant alter ego is obviously the Rubber Tree, or Ficus elastica, and like the superhero, this guy is completely bullet proof.  It’s able to withstand darker positions, airconditioned spaces and heated rooms.  Its luscious leaves come in a range of rich colours and are resilient and resistant to pests.
  • Cat woman is dangerous, clever and agile, with great balance and has mastered all the Martial Arts. Her plant equivalent is the Lady Palm, or Rhapis, with its nod to Asian mastery and formidable beauty. It also is elegant, enduring and a clever choice for the long game, growing slowly yet steadily for decades.  It’s also quite tolerant of darker spaces and can go with any décor beautifully.

By: Meredith Kirton