Dig for Victory

Did you know gardening contributed to the war effort? Over a centenary since the end of WWI, this ANZAC dayit’s hard not to think about the huge effect socially that losing so many males to the war effort in both wars had. 

With starvation and food shortages a real issue, much of Britain’s civilian population had been ‘brought under the plough” in a Dig for Victorycampaign that was the nation’s ‘Garden Front’. 

At home in Australia, we were encouraged into our yards with backyard with ‘spades not ships’ to help too.  Australia’s then Prime Minister John Curtain launched the 1942 Dig for Victory publicity campaign here urging householders throughout Australia to grow their own vegetables as a contribution to the war effort. The press loved and promoted the idea, as did industry and local community groups.  Green Armies started up as food production became a national priority.

Whilst our reasons for wanting homegrown produce may have shifted today dur to COVID and environmental reasons, the grow-your-own revolution is still in full force in the backyards of Australia.

Come into store to get the best advice on planting your own incredible edible garden.  We have VegePods, seeds, seedlings, soil and soil improvers and a huge range of fruit tree and berrying plants so you can have a home harvest to be proud of.

There’s no excuse for not getting your hands dirty!

By: Meredith Kirton