Jump Start on Spring

Sydney’s spring may officially start on September 1, but a quick look around the neighbourhood in August and the flowers will tell a different story.
According to Tim Entwisle, famous author, broadcaster and former Director of both Sydney and Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens, we should have a new season ‘sprinter’ to cover ‘peak flowering’ on the southeast coast of Australia, when our wattles and blossoms are out. In his book Sprinter and Sprummer, botanist Tim Entwisle argues the case for a five-season calendar that more closely reflects antipodean cycles in weather, and plant and animal activity.

Here at Eden Gardens we are sprinting all right, and busily preparing our gardens and nursery for the season ahead. If you’re not running in the City to Surf, we thought you might want to join us for the Jump Start on Spring too!

Join us on Sunday 13th of August to celebrate the start of the new season by attending our vibrant artisan market. Our markets bring together talented artists, craftsmen, and local vendors and a good excuse to wonder through the gardens and welcome in warmer days ☀️


10am - Teas and TianesJoin us for a cuppa as we unlock the plants you can grow in your garden to use for herbal tea.
10:45am - Spring flowers – How to add Perfume to your Garden
11:30am - Spring Kitchen Garden – What to Plant Now for Summer Fruit and Veg
12:15pm – Backyard fruit trees in pots or plots

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