Green Team Services

Do you find plants overwhelming at times? There are nearly 400,000 species of plants and more are discovered every year, so keeping up with their names, needs and wants is a full-time job…that’s why the science of horticulture, which delves into plants for human use, is a lifetime’s study. At Eden Gardens we have passionate and committed staff members who live, breathe and dream all things green and growing – that’s why we call them our Green Team!

You can come to one of our stores and have a conversation about your garden. We want to know about your plant pets and helping you is our job satisfaction! To unlock the keys to your own garden even more, we have Green Team Services. These include:
1. Plant ID
2. Backyard Briefing
3. Plant Doctor
4. Soil Testing

Don’t know if it’s a weed or a winner? Seen something you like and want to know if it will grow at your place? Found a picture you love of the idea backyard and you want to replicate it? Need help knowing how to block out the neighbours but you don’t want to need to call an arborist in a few years’ time to remove your new jungle? Have a disease or pest that needs curing, or perhaps just need to know if the dirt the builders left you with is up for gardening in! No more do you need to buy plants hoping they might grow, or plant something only to find out that it should be in a different aspect or soil. You get help and answers – the kind of professional services you don’t get from a hardware and the kind of advice that’s priceless.

Knowledge is power, visit us for advice and discover that gardening can be easier, once you know how. After all, there’s no point planting fruit that won’t bear in your climate, trees that will outgrow their welcome or plants than can’t cope with salt by the sea, so ask us and we will help you find that perfect plant match.