Get Ready to Green!

Lawns can have ecological benefits.  Green grass has a cooling effect and actually reduced the heat island effect around homes significantly, that can have side benefits like not using air-conditioning as much.   Slightly longer grass with flowers and seeds can also attract bees, seed eating birds and other insects, adding to the biodiversity in your backyard.

Keep your lawn healthy with these tips:

Mowing: The secret is to not mow your lawn too short.  Longer grass can trap soil moisture and has better wear and tear qualities.  A little off often is better, and avoid mowing your grass in the heat of the day when bees are foraging – it is safer for both the bees and also avoid burning the grass if you do it in the cooler hours.

Fertilising: Slow release lawn food is a safe way of delivering a balanced NPK (the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous needed for growth) in small even doses over a long period of time.  Apply after you’ve mown and then water in well, so that the granules percolate well into the grass and don’t get removed by the mower.  We stock Vegan friendly lawn fertiliser, Scotts Lawn Builder, and reduced odour Dynamic Lifter for those that are sensitive to smell.

Watering:Deep long watering less often is better than regular light hosing. This encourages deep root growth and better drought tolerance. Do check any water restrictions in your area. Remember keeping your lawn slightly longer reduces the need for water.

Weed Control: A dense well-grown lawn will remain resistant to any weeds; weeds develop in bare patches or tired under nourished soil. If you have weeds, remove as many by hand or use a selective lawn weeder. Some lawns are sensitive to chemicals so check with our horticulturists for the best one for your type of grass. Once weeds are eradicated, follow the care tips above to improve the health and thickness of the lawn to reduce weeds in future, and wash down any mower blades before cutting the grass again.  We stock Yates Weed’n’Feed granular fertiliser if you need to eradicate broad leaf weeds in your lawn.

Compaction: Wear and tear from dogs and people can lead to soil compaction and bare patches.  Loosen up these areas with a garden fork, and transplant some healthy grass from other sections or reseed to get them to regrow quickly.  Pets that dig up your lawn can be discouraged from repeat offending by burying their poop back in the hole.  We stock Martins Lawn Top dressing which is ideal for adding to worn areas and filling in holes and divots.