Love Your Roses Back

Are you a rose lover?  Roses are a symbol of love and positivity, and steeped in symbolism and meaning.  August is a busy time in the garden for rose care, as you prepare for the success of their upcoming season.  Follow these 5 tips to success.

  1. If you haven’t pruned your roses by now, early August is your last chance to sharpen those secateurs and start trimming, removing about 1/3 of existing growth to encourage new wood.
  2. If you’re planting potted roses, make sure you prepare the soil. The pH should be around 7, and the soil should be loose, friable and free draining.  That might mean digging yours over and even creating a raised mound so it drains well.  Adding in some bagged (well composted) manure will help too.  If growing in pots, Eden’s Premium potting mix is suitable.
  3. Plant roses in full sun – they really need a lot of direct sunshine to flower and thrive.
  4. Mulch your roses with lucerne, which will keep their roots cool and moist, and provide nitrogen and organic matter to the soil, building up its structure.
  5. Fertilising your roses twice a year will encourage new growth and flowers; apply rose food in late August/early September and again in midsummer.

Our new season roses are in store now.  Until the 18th August roses will be20% off roses and you can take 20% off potting mix.