Jan Cleveringa

Jan Cleveringa is returning to Eden Unearthed for his third exhibition, having been a finalist in 2019, winning the inaugural Eden Unearthed $10,000 prize (for his work The Corporate Snake), 2020 for Listening to Trees and now 2021 for the second iteration of that work by the same title.  
Listening to Trees is a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures using discarded and recycled materials for mark-making, experimentation, and creation. The artistic process of using the natural kinetic movement of trees to create marks and patterns in paint on wood (or of sculpture) but only then to be cut up and remade to suit the artist, symbolisies our human condition and relationship to the environment in which humans change the natural to suit themselves. The cutting also symbolises the disruption of communication in that relationship. This painting and/or sculpture is embedded with this disrupted communication into a new form.  The latest in the series was created in Wagga Wagga Wiradjuri Reserve.
On reflecting on his experience with This exhibition, Jan commented that "The Eden Unearthed Prize, Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park, is a fantastic sculpture and site-specific installation art prize with a theme around sustainability that enables you to discover something surprising and exciting in the myriad of hiding places in their amazing gardens. 
With a model of negotiable stipends or artist fees for artists it has enabled me to make and explore new exciting work that I could not otherwise develop and create as an artist and exhibit. The exhibition has enabled me to develop as an artist. Beyond that there is also a generous winning prize of $10,000 which can change the course of your professional career."
Jan is a contemporary, experimental, multidisciplinary artist exploring cultural change, sustainability, technology & their impacts resulting in painting and installation/sculpture. Sydney based, Cleveringa has a B.Arts, Sydney University & studied painting at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University. Furthermore, Cleveringa recently won Lake Light Sculpture, Jindabyne 2019, Sydney & Scenic Sculpture (Environment Prize) 2019.
Swirl (by Jan, taken by Jack Mounsey)
 Listening to Trees 2 (by Jan, taken by Jack Mounsey)