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Australian Natives

Creating a garden from Australian native plants makes good sense - the plants are adapted for our conditions after all. We stock a range of natives from seeds to super advances plants, meaning you can start a garden for a few dollars or end up planting a mature “instant” garden depending on your budget. We have statement plants like grass trees and flowering gums, textural ornamental grasses perfect for our small birds, a range of flowering ground covers and climbers as well as everything you need for a meadow of flowers or a screen of sensational long lasting bloomers like Grevillea and Banksias.

Cacti & Succulents

We love our succulents so much we stock one of the largest ranges in Sydney, AND have a terrific display garden growing to show how great they can look in the landscape. Succulents can be ground covers, and work really well to bind soils and stop erosion, or statement pieces in pots and even work in brightly lit places indoors. Our cactus include some advanced specimens that really make a huge impact for that WOW factor.

Potted Colour

Flowers are the perfect way to brighten your day. Our range of potted colour are perfect for pots, massed planting, hanging baskets and patios. Spring flowering pansies, summer flowering petunias, autumn toned coleus and winter kale are just a few of the choices available seasonally.


Sick of the neighbours or just want to create your own serene sanctuary? We stock fast growing screening plants like exotic Murrayas, Photinias, Viburnums and natives like Lillypillies, Bottlebrush and Wattles that will quickly create the perfect green backdrop for your yard.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are among the most rewarding and versatile, yet are under utilised in most gardens. They are fast growing, can be deciduous or evergreen, often have seasonal flowers and perfumes, and can make use of unused spaces. We stock a range of climbers, both native, evergreen, deciduous and flowering to delight and entice. Ask us for advice on indoor climbing plants too.


We range a variety of trees from small weeping maples to street trees at Eden. Trees are the “roof” of the garden and keep our gardens climate controlled with their shade; choose a deciduous tree for winter sun or and evergreen tree for year round cover and screening. Some trees are slow growing, some super quick, so check in with our green team for advice about which tree suits your situation best.

How to grow Passion Fruit

Want an edible evergreen screen? Try growing a passionfruit over the shed, along the fence or even over a balcony rail. And they are super-fast. Grafted vines put in during spring will flower in a few months, and be bearing fruit by autumn. And who doesn’t over passionfruit on ice cream, passionfruit curd, passionfruit with yogurt and even the odd passionfruit cocktail in summer?
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How to grow Gardenias

Gardenias are stunning evergreen shrubs with glossy green leaves and fragrant white or cream flowers. They flower from late spring to early summer and then spot flower throughout the warmer months of the year. They can be grown as specimen plants, standards, mass planted or planted into hedges.
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How to Grow Murraya Paniculata

One of the most popular plants of the last few decades would have to be Murraya, also known as Orange or Sweet Jessamine, or mock orange. This is because not only does it look and smell great (like orange blossoms), but it’s also easy to grow.
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