How to Grow Murraya paniculata

One of the most popular plants of the last few decades would have to be Murraya, also known as Orange or Sweet Jessamine, or mock orange.  This is because not only does it look and smell great (like orange blossoms), but it’s also easy to grow.



It’s an evergreen, dense, fast-growing shrub, great for hedging. It grows white, highly perfumed flowers that flower in spring and summer and will bear a huge mass of these, especially after any light shower of rain.Murraya makes a fantastic hedging or screening plant and will grow in any soil but arich, moist soil is ideal. Responds well to pruning and needs to be kept moist in dry areaswhile it establishes.


For lush green leaves feed regularly with complete plant food or citrus fertiliser – whichever you have on hand, and mulch annually to keep the roots cool.


By: Meredith Kirton