Winter trends – Five tips to create home comforts

Has the pandemic changed the way you live at home?  Many of us have been working remotely and have been challenged to create new workspaces within your living rooms, shush up you Zoom backdrop and even carve out a niche on the kitchen table for the kid’s classroom.  These necessities have created new trends in interiors with multipurpose spaces and greened interiors becoming commonplace.  Extra corner spots formed from open shelving and enormous potted plants have resulted as we ‘divide and conquer’ our homes.  Buying local and supporting our neighbourhood businesses have also been popular as the need to ‘stay close’ has fostered community and ‘around the corner’ cat-ups.  These themes have morphed into the new trends for winter.

  1. Cosiness – this can be achieved by layering throws,rugs and fabrics of various textures together. Natural textures are perennially popular. Lamps and lights can be added too to create mood and another textural element.
  2. The garden in bloom indoors - decorate with Indoor bulbs and bunches of blossom, bare stems that break into new leaf and potted flowering plants like orchids and cyclamen that will provide splashes of colour and add warmth and cheer.
  3. Reading nooks and study corners – a comfy chair and occasional table can be the new spot to catch up on some work or sit during a meeting. Keeping it small will help give you a cocooned feeling, and always mean its easy to tidy up and be ‘meeting ready’ when the video call comes!
  4. Table settings – gone are the napery and in are the bespoke bowl of succulents or a glass terrarium. Keep in simple, so the laptop and homework has space to spread out, but the plants can spread their calming influence across the work bench. Add a scented candle and breathe.
  5. Grandmillenial comfort – florals are back, as chintz with an updated chic moves in on minimalism and reminds up of ‘the good old days and granny’. You might not want to go the whole way, but dainty African violets, pretty mini cyclamen and a floral room scent may be all that you need.

 By: Meredith Kirton