White in the Garden

White in the Garden

Does a garden devoid of ‘colour’ sound boring?  The most famous garden white garden in the world is probably the one at Sissinghurst Castle, in Kent, which is anything but boring, with its rich variety of textures and foliage colour, flower shapes and forms.   It cleverly mixes climbing roses with silver artemesia, peonies and purple foliaged elderflower and classics like white rosemary and shasta daisies. These are all plants that will grow successfully on the east coast of Australia too.

White flowers and variegated foliage can be in many styles though, not just a cottagey feel like Sissinghurst… With white comes the power to simplify, calm, and orchestrate a chic garden that works particularly well at night, when white becomes shimmery and reflective.  White represents purity and innocence too, which is why so many white flowers are named after the Madonna, like Madonna lilies.  It also represents freshness and new beginnings, something that might be more and more attractive as we more through the pandemic.  It is also an adult move, which kids finding primary and bright colours alluring, and adults often leaning towards a paired back scheme.

Get The Look

Eden Gardens have a wonderful range of white blooms.  Chinese star jasmine and J. sambac are lovely perfumed white climbing options.  Gardenias, murraya, white roses, white dahlias, white salvia, white lavender, white geraniums and white daisies all start blooming in spring and continue blooming well into autumn, adding a cooling element to our hotter months.  Including white variegated leaves can also be lovely.  White Nepeta, silver Lamium and white Pittosporums are just a few of the finds you can discover.  Indoors there are many options for working in the quietness of white; peace lilies, white moth orchids, white marble leafed devil’s ivy and white African violets are just a few of your choices.

Give your garden a fresh, sun-bleached updated look with some chalky white pots.  Eden and Gro also have a range of natural wicker and pale oatmeal baskets that look terrific inside.  Team cool, crisp white accessories such as our white metal 9l watering can for some practical style.

If you’re considering culling the colours and doing refined and simple this spring and summer, come in and chat with our green team – they can show you how to get whatever look you’re after, and advise you on the best plants for your position.

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