Style Trends for 2022

Each year the Flower Council Holland releases their predictions for the trends for flowers, houseplants and outdoor plants.  So, what is the Zeitgeist predictions for 2022? 

They are Fresh Start, Bright and Breezy, Traditional Sentiment, and Wellness Bubble. One of the other big predictors for trends is the Pantone ColourPalettes, and tones such as Baby’s Breath (11-0202), Beach Glass (13-5412), and Blue Atoll (16-4535) are going to feature in interiors with touches of Illuminating Yellow (13-0647) and Indigo Bunting (18-4250) set to make spring and summer splashes!


So, what does this mean for interiors, balconies, and backyards?  Basically, there’s lots of white, touches of aqua and hints of sunshine.  Then, as the season gets going, extra colour highlights come to the party, with splashes of apricot, touches of tangerine and lavender create more of a bouquet of colour, like a spring posy.  Variegated and white flowering plants are huge, and everything that’s plant based, biodegradable and encourages biodiversity is in.  Think cork, string, moss, clay and stone in materials, with coloured glass and brighter ceramics used to create a bright and breezy feel.



Plants that breathe, materials that are enviro friendly and products that are multi-functional and versatile help create a relaxed vibe that still works hard in the background to make your heart and mind sing and celebrate new beginnings.