Shelve it!

Hanging plants are the new sensation in gardens. They work well inside, trailing from shelving and can be great in retro macramé hangers. Outside they are a clever way of creating green walls that maximize impact without taking up valuable space.

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Devil’s Ivy or Pothos, is perhaps the easiest plant to grow inside, even growing in water so you can have them in a vase! Their leaves come in a range of forms, from golden, to white variegated forms and gold marbled types.


Ribbon Plant is also known as spider plant, due to the clusters of babies it produces at the ends

of thread like growth. There are also dwarf and curly forms to look out for.


 Mistletoe Cactus are the IT plant. They look nothing like a cactus, but are succulent. Their foliage looks a little like lime green hair and there are many types to choose from. Suitable for shady spots outside or bright spots inside. Collect them all.


Boston Ferns are fabulous for creating a lush, relaxed vibe on your balcony or adding green to a bright bathroom. They love humidity, so regular misting and water are essential.


Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ is perfect for pots, loves to cover the ground and works well in window boxes. It is an outdoor plant so grow it in shady or half sun.