Spring Florals

New ways with Flowers

Wide borders of flowering perennials (plants that die down and come back up again annually) may look great in English gardening magazines, but let’s face it, who has the time or space to craft such visions?  The reality is that most of us have small spaces and a few pots, so BIG impact with year round form and texture are key ingredients for courtyard and balcony gardeners. 


Aloes – These succulent plants have stunning, bird attracting flowers and sculptural, succulent foliage, making them great choices for pots or difficult dry soils.  Different species flower at different times of the year, so theoretically you could always have an aloe in bloom. They do like full sun though to really thrive and flower well.


Salvias – Drought tolerant, bee attracting, fragrant foliage and a variety of forms and flower colours make salvias one of the most versatile flowering plants.  Use them in mixed groupings in pots or garden beds, with at least half a day’s sun.


Ornamental grasses – whilst these don’t have traditional flowers, their feathery blooms are beautiful waving in the breeze and add a touch of whimsy you your garden.  Try adding purple fountain grass, and some of the new hybrid native Lomandra and Dianella, or some beautiful reeds and restios.