Lacking something?  Perhaps it’s just sleep that you’re deprived of.  In wellness circles, sleep is the new cure, and some corporations are including sleeping pods in their design.  It is one of the best things you can do to keep your immune system healthy. Planning your day to link with your natural circadian rhythms is something many cultures have held dear; having an afternoon siesta or ‘nana nap’ may not be such a bad idea.   Good news too is that the evidence says napping for an hour in the afternoon doesn’t significantly affect your evening sleep, rather it’s just ‘banked’ as extra hours. 


Despite this many of us don’t want to go to bed after lunch, but having a quick kip on a day bed might be just the answer.  Placing your day bed outside can create the perfect spot for a ‘napping nook’, and with the addition of some plants, you can have the perfect spot with dappled light that gives you that much needed vitamin D and boosts your serotonin.



Create a wellness corner with big floor cushions for yoga, some scented candles and naturally, some plants.