indoor or outdoor


 “Spring interiors are calming environments that create peacefulness and wellness” says Lindy. “Must have items include one-of-a-kind pieces, with raw materials and hand fnished techniques. Think textured white and terracotta pots, soft woven
baskets and large hanging pieces full of trailing plants and large foliage.” Lindy suggests soft pastel palettes, with pink, mint
and apricot as they all work well with other chalky hues. For a pop of bright try mixing in bright orange, pink and reds that clash and add drama. Alternatively, for a muted colour scheme, add terracotta, tumeric, clay and raw organic textures in
soft furnishings and lighting. So what makes spring special for Lindy? “That’s easy”, she laughs, “being able to connect with nature, leaving the doors open and having lots of fresh produce on hand to cook with. Plant some favourite herbs, masses
of mint, lemon verbena, a lime in a pot and enjoy long and refreshing drinks with family and friends.” Add a great table setting, a trolley for drinks and snacks, incorporate leafy and trailing plants, pots, large floor cushions to create your own oasis.


From Lindy Wong, our Visual Brand and Product Selector