Biophilic Design

What’s that, you might ask?  It is a HUGE trend in architecture and the landscape design at the moment.  It’s about creating good habitat for people’s wellbeing within the built environment.  Key to understanding it is focusing on what impact nature has on us, and adversely, what happens to us when deprived of the benefits of nature.  It’s a field pioneered by Stephen Kellert, a professor of social ecology at Yale University.

In terms of plants, and the part they might play, they are an integral part of the glue between the built environment and people.  It might be the view of tree canopies from a highlight window, the use of green walls in a courtyard, living roofs on a building, or simply pot plants in your home.  What’s important is that their inclusion helps us visually and emotionally connect.  Incorporating natural materials, curved geometries and flowing forms reiterates this environmental aesthetic.

Get the look (and the feel) and positive benefits…just add plants!  We have plant solutions for any tricky space; versi walls for vertical gardens, troughs for narrow areas and hanger when you need more room on the ground.

Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzianicolai) make a great transition plant, growing happily inside and out and can give you that lush look anywhere.  Another great ‘grow anywhere’ ‘indoor’ plant is Philodendron ‘Xanadu’, which is just as happy outside in the shade as indoors.  Its deeply lobed, luscious dark green leaves can be the perfect pot plant OR massed planted outdoors as a ground cover under trees.