Balcony makeover

Do you have a boring balcony and instead imagine a tropical oasis? We have the latest ranges of outdoor furniture ready to transform your place so you can holiday at home year round.

Tricks & Tips

• Use modular pieces of furniture and consider the layout to maximize views inside and outside.

• Alternate the heights of plants using plant stands, hangers and various pots and occasional tables so they look eclectic rather than like an assembly line.

• Add lighting like lanterns, candles, festoon lights and fire pits to create and ambient mood.

• Using a textured or patterned outdoor rug can really create focus.

• Try incorporating bbqs and a/c units as plant stands when they are not in use to help camouflage them.

• Large palms like Strelitzia Nicolai, golden cane palms and Lady palms make an impact and can screen off areas creatively.

• Combining different textures in containers adds interest