6 Essential Tips for Container Gardening

There are so many reasons why you should try container gardening. Firstly, pots look beautiful (who doesn’t love a ceramic planter?). Secondly, it’s a great alternative to a garden bed when you are working with limited space. And thirdly, it’s really simple and easy—once you get the hang of it!


Before you start growing a potted jungle of sorts, here are 6 essential facts you should know about container gardening.


  1. Choose the right size container

As mentioned, pots and planters can be beautiful, but it’s worth checking that they’re practical too. Make sure your pot is the right size for your plant, to avoid it getting top heavy and toppling over in the wind. When in doubt, opt for a larger pot as these retain more soil, more water and more nutrients, helping your plant grow.

  1. Check for drainage

All pots should have adequate drainage at the bottom to let excess water flow out. At least one hole is necessary at the bottom, but for very large plants you might need to drill in extra holes or make existing ones larger.

  1. Buy potting soil

Don’t buy garden soil or topsoil for a container garden—you might be disappointed! Potted plants need soil with a lot of nutrients in it, so opt for a high quality potting soil.

  1. Sunlight is everything

Plants grow with sunlight, this we know. But it’s also really easy to overestimate the amount of sun your plants are getting. When you’re at home one day, try to time the amount of sun your plant receives, and adjust its placement if necessary.

  1. Plant with friends

Choose plants that will play nicely together. This means choosing plants that require a similar amount of sun, but also those that will look good side by side. Contrasting heights and textures make for an attractive and balanced container garden.

  1. Save the plant tag

There’s nothing worse than completely forgetting the species of your plant and its unique requirement. Keep the tags and read them often to ensure you’re looking after your plants as best you can.