The Voices of Eden – Cancer Council NSW and the Daffodil Garden

Eden Gardens is proud to support the Cancer Council, especially through its Daffodil Day Fundraisers.  As Anna Ainsworth reflected, “everyone is affected by cancer, and gardeners need to be particularly aware of the dangers of sun exposure.”  The 2013 opening of the Daffodil Garden and Wall of Honour plaques, (which features names of loved ones whose families have made generous donations to Cancer Council NSW) and plant a bulb in memory of their loved ones, is an annual reminder each August when they flower.


Eden Gardens has worked with Cancer Council NSW since opening in 2004 to promote sun awareness and cancer prevention to Australians. They have joined together to create a beautiful Daffodil Garden with the Wall of Recognition and Wall of Memory as a place of thanks, remembrance and hope. The sunsmart message is important for gardeners to embrace, as they spend so much time out in the sun and  the healthy eating and kitchen gardening revolution is also part of the key messaging  through programs like “eat it to beat it” to engage children and adults with improved diet outcomes.

Nina Tan works on the “eat it to beat it” program that aims to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in families for Cancer Council NSW. “We run workshops and sessions for parents: we talk to parents about a number of tips to get fussy eaters to eat more fruit and veg, getting them to learn about where food comes from, growing herbs and lettuces in the garden or even on the window sill”, says Nina. “Perseverance is a really big one. You should never give up. Keep offering fruit and vegetables to children even if they refuse them at first. We like to say that you need to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables as different coloured fruit and vegetables have different nutrients in them.  ”

According to Caroline Lord from the Cancer Council, the daffodil garden at Eden Gardens brings healing to the families of so many touched by cancer.   “There is so much meaning to the family to actually plant a bulb and come back on Daffodil Day and see it bloom.  It is a special event and it actually helps part of the grieving process as well.”

There is hope in planting and the symbolisms of daffodils make it a perfect partnership.  The wall with loved ones names engraved is a place to sit and remember your loved ones.

Eden Gardens hosts two fundraising morning teas with the Cancer Council each year. 

Cancer Council is different from other cancer organisations by being with people throughout the whole journey, from diagnosis to treatment and support for the families of those going through cancer.  They offer significant financial support for research as well as prevention programs, advocacy, the help line, and provide numerous patient support services including patient accommodation.