Winter Lawn Care

The rain and cold negatively impacts lawns, but you can give them the once over now to make sure they ‘spring back’ as quickly as possible. 

  1. TIDY AND TRIM: The first thing to do is get rid of any old leaves that might be falling on them and stopping the sunshine from reaching the grass. Rake your lawn vigorously to help remove dead leaves or if you’re after a cheat method, just run the mower over your lawn with the blades raised to collect them all in your catcher.  This refuse can all be added to your garden beds as a leaf mould mulch.



  1. WEED NOW, BAREFEET LATER: Your kids and pets will love you if you remember to treat your lawn now for bindii. Bindii looks like tiny feathery carrot tops about 10cm across.  At this time of the year, you can easily miss it.  Problem is, once they set seed it is too late to control them, other than by hand removal.

Yates Bindii and Clover killer is a selective weedicide suitable for use now on all but Buffalo Lawns.  It also controls dandelions and oxalis.

  • Mix carefully into a watering can and be careful to measure both the right concentration and the area of lawn over which this is supposed to be applied. A watering can with a watering bar attachment works well.
  • Don’t spray when rain is expected, on windy days or on days over 30 degrees.
  • Keep pets off the lawn until the treatment has completely dried.
  1. DON’T BE A DRIP! If your lawn has become compacted in high traffic areas, don’t be afraid to get out your garden fork and put in some extra drainage holes. If you have a serious drainage problem to address, put in underground drainage and do the necessary siteworks now so your grass is ready to relay or reseed in spring.


By: Meredith Kirton