If you have tried to grow veg without much success, perhaps you should consider using the Vegepod systems.  They are terrific at dealing with some of the issues around bugs, watering and exposure that can cause issues with them in traditional means.

We chatted with Simon Holloway, for his take on the system he developed and markets around the world.  We asked him for his TOP 5 reasons for using a Vegepod, and this is what he said, adding “So much pain relief perhaps we should call it AspirinPod?😉

  • Take the pain out of watering~  Self-watering (lasts up to 4 weeks in summer without water, whilst overflows also cater for overwatering)
  • Take the pain out of pest control, weed control and harsh weather control ~ the commercial farming mesh canopy protect from all that
  • Take the pain out of accessibility ~ the stands raise to true waist height -  (no bending, no kneeling) and the trolleys allow movement.
  • Take the pain out of perfecting the right growing conditions ~ the micro-climate canopy (allowing light, air and rain through whilst stabilising and optimising the inside) creates amazing growth rates
  • Take the pain out of preparation ~ it’s no dig-garden for a start so no prep for ground work, and to assemble is easy with no tools required and no strength required.

 By: Meredith Kirton