Trouble shooting

Plants can be tricky sometimes to care for. The don’t have a way of expressing themselves, after all, so sometimes diagnosing what might be wrong with them can involve a bit of sleuthing.

Case in point. Brodie Booth needed some advice on an umbrella tree (Schefflera ‘Amate’) he purchased recently at Eden Gardens.

“I have attached some pictures, but I’ve noticed some of the leaves have yellow spots. There is no signs of any bugs or anything on the plant on the top of underside of the leaves.  I’m wondering what this could be, and best way to treat? And will they go away?”

After a little questioning, it turned out that Brodie was placing their plant in the shower, splashing cold water on the leaves.  Sometimes that can lead to faint spots like that.  Showering is a great way of washing your indoor plants down, just make sure the water is tepid, otherwise they can get an icy chill. (see image)

Whilst brown edges to leaves are normally the result of uneven watering (too little or not enough) sometimes it can be other things.  For example, one customer has brown leaves that were the result of mechanical damage; their vertical blinds were hitting the plant when the windows were open, and this repeated damage was shredding the plant.

If you have any issues, don’t wait.  Ask for help straight away.  Carefully examine your plant, checking if spots are raised or removable, and take some good quality pictures.  We are happy to help your garden grow to its potential and help you be the best plant parents possible.


By Meredith Kirton