What instant shade?  We have a range of super advanced trees that are all grow up and ready to give your place some instant shade and a sense of maturity to your garden or courtyard.  Choose from deciduous trees, evergreens, flowering and natives. 

Deciduous means trees that lose their foliage in winter.  The advantage of this is that they let in the winter sun.  We have an excellent range of maples in store, including weeping, purple leafed and coral stemmed. Other flowering deciduous trees in store include crabapples, pears, weeping mulberries and weeping cherries. Evergreen trees maintain their foliage year around, which makes them great for screening. 

If you prefer year round foliage, almost all natives are evergreen, and include Lilly pillies, grafted gums, NSW Christmas bush, bottlebrush, ivory curl trees, blueberry ash, and a plant sometime called the native magnolia - Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’.  If you want a tree yesterday, plant a wattle.  Same goes for grevilleas, many of which will grow 3-5m and screen any block of flats or 2 storey building that’s rocketing up by the time builders have said ‘tools down!’.