Tomato Time

Tomatoes are warm-season plants that grow best from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Some compact (determinate) varieties like ‘Sweet-bite’, ‘Patio Prize’ and ‘Tommy Toe’ will also grow well in pots, others are taller (non determinate) and need staking,  For large robust fruit try the reliable ‘Grosse Lisse’ or the old favourite ‘Ox Heart’; or for something different plant new release cascading tomato ‘Cherry Fountain’, which grows well in pots and hanging baskets..  We also stock a range of heirloom varieties like ‘Black Russian’ and ‘Low Acid Yellow’ which have different coloured skins and flavours. (image of meal from the Dragonfly Café)

 Tomato Growing Tips

  • Cover seeds very lightly with potting mix and firm down or plant seedlings just below the surface
  • Water gently, keeping moist.
  • Add Thrive Granular All Purpose Fertiliser.
  • Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of sun
  • Remove lower leaves and train to a single leader by pinching off side shoots.
  • Once plants begin to flower, use Yates Tomato Food every 4-5 weeks.
  • Use fruit fly baits or exclusion bags to keep them maggot free.
  • Plant basil with your tomatoes as a companion plant


Tomato Harvest Tips

You can pick tomatoes when they’re just turning red and ripen on a sunny window sill.  They don’t like to be stored in the fridge, but rather kept at room temperature