Spring Gardening Tips and Top Sellers

Customers at Eden Gardens have a spring in their step.  Senior Buyer Roslyn Anderson says “Overall, I’d say that our customers are really gearing up for Spring in Sydney and that they are more confident to spend now, after all the rain, to get their gardens back to good health.”

Horticultural Journalist at Eden Gardens, Meredith Kirton, says “The best sellers since the start of July include perennial favourites like herbs and potted colour, as well as indoor plants which are still the headline act for many of us transforming our homes into havens.  The biggest sellers are statement pieces like Fiddleleaf Figs (Ficus lyrata) and Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai), but also insanely popular are tiny plants – think terrarium starters and other ‘bottle babies’ used to make mini gardens or perfect for windowsills.” Other plants making their mark include rare and unusual plants like the variegated Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’, famous for its Instagrammable features.  “Sometimes it’s not what your grow, but what you show that is hot!”, she adds. “I’ve also noticed a real tendency for flowers – people have fallen for them again and want to grow plants to pick for a vase or snap a selfie with!”

Some big-ticket items are also trading well.  Anderson reports that “Vegepods, which help homeowners grow their own in a climate-controlled pod, are still selling well, and products people know and trust us for, like our own branded potting mix.”According to Registered Horticulturist Meredith Kirton, now is the perfect time to repot your indoor plants and give them a new lease on life.  It’s also a great time to plant new season’s vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and seasonal herbs like basil. For those that want to grow blooms for picking, you can plant zinnias, dahlias and asters now, all of which will fill your home with a blooming bounty. 

To celebrate the beauty of flowers Eden Gardens is holding a Festival of Flowers on October 9 with talks on lavender, roses and natives, as well as workshops on dyeing using flowers, making botanical cosmetics, painting still life watercolours with blossoms and bubbles…and more.  For details visit the What’s On page Events Macquarie Park– Eden Gardens.

Six of the Best

Hungry Bins – composting is sexy, especially when it’s as easy as this system.  It uses composting worms to chow through garden and kitchen waste, transforming it into liquid fertiliser and compost for your garden.

Lavender – Italian and French work best in NSW where they reliably flower for months at a time.  It’s the perfect plant for enaBEEling our honey-making friends, and also is a heaven scent plants to have potted on a sunny windowsill.

Giant Bird of Paradise – add the tropics to your home and save on the airfare!  Their banana-like fronds add a holiday vibe to your living areas, and they are so easy to look after that when you can go on holidays, they will be fine left alone in the bathroom on a wet towel till you get back.

Vegepods – the perfect solution for those that have tried edible gardening before but despaired when bugs got to their cabbages or critters ate the tomatoes before they ripened.  These raised systems are also great for mobility and access, and you can even wheel them around chasing the sunniest spots or shady areas depending on what you’re growing.

Potted Colour – another name for annuals that are here for ‘a fun time not a long time’, coming into season now are pansies, stocks, calendula and early season petunias.

Furniture – always popular at Eden Gardens, finding the perfect place to sit down and enjoy your outdoor area is made easy with our range of furniture.  We stock timber, cane, concrete furniture and even outdoor cushions for comfort outside that lasts!


 By: Meredith Kirton