Slip, slop slap for the garden?

Sweltering?  The spring heatwave can cause your garden to burn badly, so you might need some urgent remedial action!

If you have some Droughtshield, now is the time to apply it to your garden…it’s like block out for your plants so slip it on ASAP.  If you don’t, slop on some old sheets, hessian or shade cloth flung over any vulnerable plants like young ‘uns, ferns and anything with loads of fresh new growth.  Wet it down for an extra cooling effect.


If you have a potted garden, move as much as you can into a shady area or even inside till the heat passes.  If you can’t, don’t be afraid to get out the hose and give your garden a quick spray.  This will cool the leaves down and help it cope with the heat.  Always follow up with a proper water that night to rehydrate thoroughly.


And if you end up with burnt leaves, trim off affected growth once the heat wave has passed and slap everything with a dose of seaweed solution to help it rejuvenate. The grab that Drought shield so you’ll be ready for next time.


Finally, don’t mow on a hot day… the grass will quickly burn off on the cut ends and look brown before its time.


Make sure you wear a hat out yourself and then have a nice glass of something cold yourself!