Red flowers and Lunar New Year

It’s not just red envelopes that are symbols of prosperity for the Lunar New Year, it’s anything red, including flowers.  Red symbolizes vitality (blood), beauty and happiness which is why it’s used at many important events, such as weddings and festivals. People hang red lanterns, wear red clothes and of course, give the red envelopes.

If you’re thinking you could do with some red in your garden, why not consider these fabulous additions that have colour for months.

  1. Red begonias are wonderful summer flowering plants, brightening the place up not only at Chinese New Year, but throughout spring, summer and autumn. They are perfect for shady spots, pots and sunrooms.
  2. Red oleanders are another plant that flowers for many many months, including February during CNY. It is tough as, can stand full sun, salt laden winds and terrible soil, or grow happily in containers.
  3. Roses are another summer flowering winner, especially some of the ground covering varieties like Flower Carpet TM which grow about 75cm tall and flower for about 8 months of the year – what prosperity!
  4. Salvia is a delightful perennial for sunny garden beds or pots. It has bright lipstick red flowers that the bees adore and grows into a small shrub that’s perfect for cottage gardens.
  5. Bromeliads are wonderful plants for shaded gardens and their red well-centres or flower spikes are a great feature for months. They are also fabulous for providing a water source for frogs and dragonflies, bring great beauty and happiness to the garden!


By: Meredith Kirton