Quick Fixes for Christmas including Potted Eden

Relatives coming for Chrissie?  Jump start you garden makeover with our quick fixes for your garden.  We might not be able to tidy the house or cook lunch, but we can advise you on making your garden look great in next to no time.


Five Steps to (Fast) Success


  1. First impressions count. Clean the front path with either as water blaster or anti-mould product and make the walk to the door as enticing as possible.  If you have weeds, try Pathweeder by Yates to rid you of even those pesky persistent problems.


  1. Main entrances can set the tone. Consider flanking your door, portico or patio with some statement plants, like a pair of potted topiary or perhaps a pot combo.  Match them to the style and colours of your house for maximum effect.


  1. The “green, green grass of home” is the ideal but if you lawn is less than lush, consider an instant pick me up. A click on hose application of Yates Weed’n’Feed will work wonders, but make sure you pick the correct one for your lawn – Buffalo needs a specific formula.


  1. Colour me happy with potted blooms in pockets in high impact places. Think front garden, hanging baskets on the verandah or table centrepieces. Cluster them into groups rather than dotting them about to get more bang for your buck…and at $3.45 each or 5 or more for $2.85 each, you can afford to go a little bit overboard with annuals like petunias,  marigolds and lobelia, which will all flower over Christmas and beyond till autumn.


  1. Lightly trimming your plants now will promote bushy new growth and also remove any old flower heads. This will make you garden grow and flower more, but don’t overdo it…a light haircut is all that’s required.  Whilst you’re there, do the edges of you grass to – this always makes a garden look well kept.