Preparing your garden for guests

Have you only just taken down the cobwebs from Halloween?  Well, it’s time to put your party hat back on and get your garden ready for guests.  Day light savings means the sun doesn’t set till about 8pm, so you have even more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

The first step to prepare is to remove all the clutter.  We all have bits and pieces lying around that can be stowed or stashed.  Your garden will look SO much better instantaneously!  And if you have a deck or verandah, don’t forget to re-oil it annually.  It comes up like new.  Ditto any timber furniture.  A quick sand back and re-stain or even clean with a high pressure hose can work wonders – especially on outdoor fabrics that may have mould or bird droppings on them. 

As you replace your furniture you get to reimagine the spaces freshly, and can position your pots and plants in new ways and work out if any need updating or replacing.  Make sure you have some pots at the door, replace the door mat and swap the dirty shoes for some colourful annuals and buy a few extra ones for your table tops too.  Hang your wreath – or come to our wreath workshop for a fresh look. 

New mulch, freshly swept paths and trimmed hedges can also refresh your garden.  Other great go to's include greenery from the garden like strewn herbs down a centre table runner or large leaves as place mats - they are a lovely last minute way of adding a fresh green touch. 

Don’t forget to add some ambient lights too.  We have some delicious candles at Eden that are perfect for decorating tables, and some lovely hanging voltives.  Christmas lights can also be charming.