Who doesn’t love the magic of an olive tree?  Whether you’re growing it for its dense, silvery foliage, its distinctive fruit, or to espalier against a fence, we have the plant for you.  Olives are drought tolerant and salt tolerant too, so you’re bound not to fail.  They’re also the Pinterest plant of the moment…but a word of warning, they are definitely not for growing inside, and so need a full sun position.

We are here to help you find the perfect plant. We stock a range of olives including ‘Paragon’, ‘Bambalina’, UC13A6, ‘Midget and ‘Manzanillo’.‘Paragon’ and ‘Manzanillo’ are great for warm areas that don’t experience a particularly cool winter, ‘Bambalina’ and ‘Midget’ are both dwarf compact varieties grown for their foliage that produce little or no fruit, but is great for hedging and topiary. UC13A6 is also known as ‘Californian Queen’ – a much easier name to remember - and is an excellent table olive, as is ‘Helena’, that is a heritage variety from St Helena Island, off the coast of Moreton Island and as such is perfectly suited to sub-tropical conditions.  We also keep the ever popular Kalamata olive, with its distinctive, almond shape and early ripening, it’s the olive you see growing in our own gardens at Macquarie Park.


By: Meredith Kirton