Moth Orchids on Mother’s Day

Do you orchids in Victorian England referenced a gift for someone you held in great affection? This makes them the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  Of course, the real trick is how to look after your Moth Orchid, also known as Phalaenopsis.

Tricks of the Trade

Place them in a warm, light area and water them about once a week in winter, and twice a week in summer.  Feed them weekly with a liquid fertiliser in the warmer weather.  The cool night temperatures are what triggers flowering, so don’t keep the heater on overnight!  When all the flowers have faded, cut them just below where the first flower dropped off.  This will encourage a secondary branching of flower buds, increasing your blooming period into later winter. All going to plan, you should get about 5 months of blooms.


By: Meredith Kirton