Hoyas are plants to LOVE.  Who can resist their amazing scented flowers, their foliage cascading from hanging baskets gracefully or climbing creatively around your balcony?  They are just about the most forgiving climber for shade too, bouncing back after you’ve forgotten to give it the attention it deserves. 

Hoyas have very little about them that can go wrong too, except they don’t like to be pruned, or at least, you run the risk of losing next season’s flowers if you do.   Talking of flowers…wow!!  They are scented, oh so Instagramable, and look like clusters of shooting stars.  Some of their leaves even look like hearts – how adorable, and some have lovely variegations or twisted rope-like formations.  There are so many you can start your own collection.

Hoyas are native to the tropics and love a little warmth and misting to make them feel at home at your place, but being epiphytic, are pretty tough too. Fall in love with Hoyas and check out our range of plants perfect for pots indoors or out.


By: Meredith Kirton