Hedging Plants

Hedges define boundaries, create a living wall, block unsightly views and, most importantly, provide privacy.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes a good hedge is a plant that responds well to pruning, retains its foliage right down to the ground, and is evergreen, for year round effect.


For low hedges and borders you can’t go past the classics like Korean box, which grows to about 50cm, and Japanese box, which is a taller grower natural to about 1m but can be kept lower.  For a fragrant hedge around 1m tall, Gardenia ‘Florida’ has dark glossy foliage and creamy white scented flowers throughout summer and autumn.  Murraya is great for taller fragrant hedges, and can be grown successfully still hedged up to about 3m tall, which is about the height of gutters of a single story building. Hedges beyond this height are needed for screening out double story buildings.  We stock a range of suitable plants including Lilly Pilly ‘Cherry Surprise’, which has pink new growth that’s highly ornamental, as well as creamy white fluffy flowers that are great for attracting bees, followed by colourful berries that birds love and can be made into jam.  This type is resistant to psyllids too.


At Eden Gardens we can give you all the advice you need to prepare your soil, select the right plant, how far apart to plant, and even hold pruning workshops to help you out closer to pruning time!