Great ideas to nurture your gardens in these harsh times

Australian holidays and sunshine align perfectly, so days playing in the backyard and lazy lunches catching up with friends are the luxuries we all dream about. The harsh reality of this summer means water restrictions and bush free effected zones, poor air quality and struggling wildlife. We have great solutions for habitat friendly gardens that are water wise and resilient, and give you plenty of tips and tricks. We can help you be organised and advise on design and plant selection this summer


Our ten best flowering plants for Water-wise and Bird, Bee or Butterfly Friendly Gardening

  1. Agastache
  2. Buddleja
  3. Perovskia
  4. Cone flower
  5. Lavender
  6. Rosemary
  7. Aloes
  8. Salvias
  9. Kangaroo Paws
  10. Grevilleas