Get spring garden ready

Spring is the time to get outside. Whatever your space we can guide you on the best choices to maximise the season.


 Lawn Care

If you want to lay a new grass section or fll in winter bare patches, now is a great time toseed, which provides a fast and cheap way ofcreating a think green carpet underfoot.Remove bindii and other weeds, to feed andto aerate your lawn so that your grass can begreat by summer.

Lawns can be cooling for your property and set off gardens beds. They can also sequester carbon, but don’t over water or keep them mown too short.



As the weather warms up climbing plants like wisteria can grow a little too well. Stay on top of the pruning, snipping off any long tendrils.Other shrubs should be dead headed as they finish flowering, and evergreen shrubs can be trimmed to shape after their spring flush.


What to plant

Seedlings and potted colour are a simple and cheap way of planting in the garden. They normally refer to annual flowers and vegetables, but can also be perennial plants. It’s time to plant petunias, phlox and sunflowers. In the kitchen garden, plant tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, capsicum, eggplants and pumpkins. Plant your tomatoes slightly deeper as they will root further up their stems and anchor well