Garden Favourites

Plants are as diverse as they are versatile. Not only do they come in a wide range of shapes and colours, they can also be used to create borders, features and even privacy, when you know how.

Buxus Japonica and Buxus Korean are framed for their dense foliage and small leaves, which makes them perfect for slipping and creating sculptured garden edges and features. For a mid-size hedge, Gardenias make a great choice with their beautiful dark foliage and rich flower scent.

If full screening privacy is what you’re craving in the garden, the Lilly Pillys and Murrayas are the perfect solution. Not only do they grow relatively quickly to a good height, each also produces beautifully scented fpwer, which are great for attracting bees and birdlife into your garden to help with pollination. Preferring sunny positions, Gardenias, Lilly Pilly’s and Murrayas also have the added benefit for creating a bit pf shade from, the early morning or late afternoon sun.