Summer and frangipanis are synonymous in Australia.  The simple 5 petalled flower is a motif popular for promoting all things beachy and poolside, with languid lazy days lounging in the sun.  Their heady fragrance makes them irresistible and they flower from late spring well into autumn in warm tropical areas, casting their spell for months.

Frangipanis are a deciduous tree growing to about 6m, but they take some time before reaching such heights.  They were popular in the early 1900’s, so some of the best specimens you see are well over 100 years old now.  The most common is the traditional white and yellow flowered type, but there are reds, apricots, pinks and peach toned types too.

Native to Central America, they have made a home for themselves on the Australian coast, but they don’t like frosty or poorly drained areas.  They thrive otherwise on complete neglect…what’s not to love about them?!