Flowers for three quarters of the year?


Roses are the world’s favourite flowers and we are experts at getting the most from them. Our Green Team can help you get them to flower for 9 months of the year and many are scented.

To get the best from your roses, water them regularly and remove their old flowers.

They love heaps of nutrients so feed your way to success with these 5 favourites.

  1. A good organic mulch of lucern straw or cow manure will gently feed your roses with nitrogen, and keep moisture in the soil too.
  2. Add a few handfuls of Dynamic Lifter to help promote luscious leafy growth. Alternatively, try Sudden Impact for Roses which is a pellet form, organic based boosted fertiliser. It includes a full range of secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a natural form along with boosted levels of Iron and Magnesium. It’s used in many of the key rose gardens around Australia.
  3. A slow release fertiliser like Osmocote Plus Trace Elements will help provide phosphorous and other trace elements to ensure your rose bush is resilient to disease, and includes a wetting agent
  4. Liquid potash is great at promoting flowers and fruit. At this time of the year your bushes will be using up lots so a fortnightly application will help your roses significantly.
  5. Earthlife is a great product to use as it gives your roses lots of silca, which in turn helps them grow sturdy, strong foliage that is more able to resist black spot.

    Nothing says spring like fragrance. Perfume your courtyard, balcony or garden using plants rich in essential oils and owers heady with scent to add allure to your outdoors.

    Here are some other great tips to add that extra dimension and sense of wellness to your day.

    • Concentrate sweet-smelling flowers near walkways, entries, patios, and decks so that you and your guests can enjoy them often.