Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'

Botanical name: Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'
Common name: Happy Plant

Happy Plant (Draceana fragrans ‘Massangeana’) is sometimes known as Corn Plant due to its similarity to corn growing. That’s where the comparison ends, as Happy Plants really enjoy living inside, and a remarkably adaptable to various positions and tough as long as they get lots of water.

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Draceanas are easy to propagate and can be grown from cuttings.  If your plant grows too tall, pruning the top off and striking this is one easy way of getting another plant, or you can pop the cutting back into the existing pot to create a multi planted, layered effect.

Other Draceanas

Draceanaderemensis ‘Janet Craig’ is a plain green leaf variety that is an easy to care for house plant.

Draceanaderemensis ‘Lemon Lime’ has a central stripe of chartreuse

Draceana marginataor Madagascar Dragon tree comes in many different coloured leaf forms.  ‘Tricolour’ and thin leaves with pink margins and a then band of creamy yellow. ‘Colourama’ is similar but with even more red in the mix. ‘Black Knight’ has dark greenish black leaves

Draceanareflexa or Pleomele is sometimes also known as the ‘Song of India’.  It has a shorter, stouter habit than the Happy Plant, and comes in either gold edged or white edged varieties.

Draceanasanderiana is commonly called Lucky Bamboo, although it is not a bamboo at all.  The stem is pliable, and it is often grown into spirals, plaited into wreaths or simply sold as cut stems for Chinese New Year.  It grows in water and gravel, or can be potted into mix and grown traditionally. 

Draceanasurculosa ‘Florida Beauty’ has much broader leaves and again is a stouter variety.  It is sometimes called ‘Gold Splash’ due to the wonderful yellow splatter pattern on the leaves.


By: Meredith Kirton