Bug Off Mossies and other Nuisance Insects

Bug Off Mossies and other Nuisance Insects

Whilst the recent rainfall has been wonderful, it has also resulted in an explosion of insects…some of which can be very annoying.  Many plants have natural pest controlling properties that can be utilised in the garden and planted around your home to organically mitigate them.


Companion planting like this can be utilised in areas incidentally in your garden.  For example, plant pennyroyal as a groundcover between paving where your dog’s kennel is to repel fleas, or plant a low hedge of Leptospermum Mozzie Blocker, which has pretty pink flowers and oil rich foliage that confuses mosquitoes and other annoying insects so your bbq and outdoor living spaces are more pleasant year round.


Plants do this in a few ways.

  1. Masking

Scented leaves can disguise the smells of other crops that might be susceptible to insect attack.  Planting lavender around your garden is a good example of this, helping to repel moths, fleas, flies, white fly and mosquitoes and the same to as attracting beneficial insects such as bees.  Others such as scented geraniums, thyme, Leptospermum and sage can also be used.


  1. Repelling

Some plants actually contain volatile oils that drive insects away.  These include wormwood (Artemisia spp.) which we stock a few types of including one called ‘No More Mosquitoes’, pyrethrum, tansy, and santolina - some repel ants, others, like pennyroyal, repel fleas, and some repel and range of insects.


  1. Carnivorous Plants

Some plants will actually digest insects.  We stock Venus flytraps, pitcher plants and sundews, all of which kill plants by ‘eating’ them!