The warm months of spring and summer are perfect for showing off bougainvilleas; they just love the heat and bask in the sun, producing more and more blooms.  There are many different varieties, some that will grow 10m or more, others are dwarfs and virtually thornless, some that are scarlet, others white, some with miniature blooms, some with variegated foliage and others with huge blousy blossoms that shout ‘ look at me’!

Bougainvillea do best in a full sun position and are great drought tolerant plants once they are established.  They grow in any well drained soil and you can also grow them in hanging baskets and pots. They also flower in winter, which is invaluable, bringing flamboyance and joy to what can otherwise be a quiet time colour-wise in the garden.

This stunning plant is reminiscent of the tropics, brings a touch of the Greek Islands to your terrace, alternatively can add a touch of Mexican magic to your courtyard.

By: Meredith Kirton